Castles of Count of Andrade (R-22)

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La Coruña.


We propose you a tour of just 60 km to discover the ancient castles that belonged to the medieval family of Count of Andrade, whose power stretched from the region of Eume to the lands of Vilalba (Lugo). Four are the specimens we are going to visit, two in Pontedeume (The Andrade fortifiend tower and the Nogueirosa castle) and two others located north of the village (castles of Narahío and Moeche), making a stop to know the impressive waterfall of the Belelle river.

Map of the Tour


1.Andrade fortified tower

Located in the center of Pontedeume, it is the only building that remains of the pazo (manor house) that the Andrades maintained secularly in the village and was demolished in 1935. The tower was ordered to be built in the 14th century by Fernán Pérez de Andrade when acquiring the villa after the wars of succession in that century, but by different marriage links it ended up belonging to the Duchy of Alba. It is a cubic structure 18 m. High, on whose facade we can see an impressive coat of arms from the 16th century. The interior consists of three floors and houses the tourism office of Pontedeume.

2.Nogueirosa Castle

Located on the outskirts of Pontedeume on a rocky promontory that serves as an excellent viewpoint towards the mouth of the Eume, is also the work of Pérez de Andrade himself and, since its origins, was the object of disputes with the monastery of Santa Maria de Sobrado. During the riots of the 15th century, both this and the other three castles of our tour, were assaulted by the popular forces and reduced to rubble but, finally defeated, each and every one of them were rebuilt by the winners. This is a small castle, with a little parade ground and a 20 m. high homage tower, divided in three floors.

3.Belelle river waterfall

It is one of the largest in Galicia, with a jump of 45 meters on a set of pools of great beauty. A few meters from the waterfall, an old power plant is located, that is fed through a water channel that saves a 120 meter drop. It is, with no doubt, one of the surprises that this land brings us.

4.Narahío Castle

Of a similar structure than the castle of Nogueirosa in terms of dimensions and situation on a rocky promontory, it is the work of the 14th century by Fernán Pérez de Andrade, local lord who exerted his power throughout the region of Eume. Given its position on such a steep promontory, the castle lacks a defensive moat and other structures that could hide under the state of ruin in which it is, although it maintains part of its homage tower.

5.Moeche Castle

It is also the work of the 14th century and was the possession of the Andrade family. Its structure is polygonal, highlighting its 18-metre homage tower and the defensive moat that surrounds part of the wall´s perimeter. Unlike the other examples, it is not perched on a promontory but is located on a plain at the bottom of a valley. We will be able to visit its interior, accessing the different premises like the arms room, the dining room, the lodgings, etc.