Ferrol coast: the beginning of our northern tour (R-34)

Route type

La Coruña.


One of the most spectacular and wild stretches of our coastline is between Ferrol and Cape Ortegal in the province of La Coruña, a coastline of about 80 km long that we propose to travel in two stages to discover unique places like the Cape Prior, Pantín beach, Candieira Point, or Cape Ortegal.

Map of the Tour


1. San Felipe Castle

We will begin this tour visiting one of the fortresses that guarded the entrance to the Ferrol estuary from the 16th century, being reformed in the 18th century for the protection of the military arsenal, one of the largest in Europe. It has a double line of fire, on two floors, in front of the coastline and in its defense of the mouth of the estuary, it received support from the fortress of La Palma, on the opposite bank. One of the finest examples of 18t century military architecture.

2. Prioriño Cape

Located in the Northern mouth of the estuary of Ferrol, in its surroundings we can visit the remains of ancient military batteries from the 20th century that serve, in addition, as great viewpoints to the Ártabro Gulf and the city of La Coruña.

3. Doniños and San Jorge beaches

We will visit both sandy spots of almost 2 kilometres each but, while Doniños opens to the Atlantic and this allows the practice of sports like surfing, San Jorge forms a shell protected by the imposing Cape Prior. They are, without a doubt, the best sandy spots in Galicia.

4. Cape Prior

It is an isthmus that enters the Atlantic reaching an altitude of 170 m. At its highest point, with cliffs of more than 100 metres high. On the Cape there is a lighthouse erected in 1853 and in the surroundings we will see the remains of old military batteries. Further north we can approach another of the most interesting points of this coastline, as the environment of Mount Campelo is, that from its 200 metres above sea level, is a magnificent vantage point towards the vastness of the Atlantic. At the top of the mountain we can see the remains of several military batteries that defended this coastline of Ferrol. We will pass by the enormous sandy point of Valdoviño to know the Pantín beach, point of reference in the world of surf or the small and lonely Baleo beach, from which opens a new stretch of cliffs to point Chirlateira, in the Cedeira estuary.