From Cedeira to Ortegal: Europe´s highest cliffs (R-35)

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La Coruña.


Undoubtedly, among the most spectacular coastal routes of the Iberian Peninsula is this stretch between Cedeira and Cape Ortegal, in which the highest cliffs of continental Europe are located, in the surroundings of the Herbeira watchtower, located 610 metres above sea. The views from this point or any of the viewpoints of this stretch of coastline, as Point Candieira or Cape Ortegal, are simply spectacular and amazing.

Map of the Tour


1. Candieira Point

We begin this impressive stretch of coastline in the surroundings of the village of Frádigas, close to Cedeira, to approach Mount Burneira and contemplate the spectacular entrance to the estuary of Cedeira, with the sand points of Vilarrube and A Madalena to the east and the cliffs of Mount Eixil to the north, towards Punta Candieira, one of the landscape referents of the region that we can reach from Cedeira after crossing ten loop curves that seem to lead us to the end of the world. From here and through small local roads we reach the legendary pilgrimage site of San Andrés de Teixido.

2. San Andrés de Teixido – Herbeira Watchtower

A popular saying in Galicia says that to this place you go dead when you haven´t gone alive, so we recommend the visit to this peaceful place, destination of a secular pilgrimage route that tourism has taken charged to divulge in every direction-. Not far, in the Capela mountain chain, we will visit the Herbeira viewpoint , which with its 610 metres above sea level, constitutes the highest cliffs in continental Europe, which means that the views from this point are simply spectacular. In addition, along this stretch are oldest rocks of the Iberian Peninsula, therefore, some of the oldest on the planet, which emerged at this point from the magma when the Pangea continent was formed. On the other hand, below the cliffs one of the few beaches in the world formed by black sand without being of volcanic origin is located. For all this, some local agencies are trying this coastline obtain the Unesco World Geopark declaration.

3. Cape Ortegal

It is a rocky block that enters the ocean offering us a unique panorama of a wild coastline in which the Atlantic breaks against huge rocky needles over 20 meters high. Undoubtedly, a unique landscape that appears as a geological point of interest due to the oddities of these rocky outcroppings that we will be able to discover, unhurriedly, throughout our journey.