Land of Ribeiro: wines and old heritage (R-7)

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Land of Ribeiro

On this occasion we go to the lands of Ribeiro, in the province of Ourense, one of the most important regions within the Cultural heritage of Galicia. For centuries it was an economically rich land, sustained by wine production, which resulted in the construction of many elegant residences for the great families and high clergy of Galicia. Country houses (pazos) and churches served as elements of ostentation and allow us to enjoy today, a unique heritage in an environment of great beauty. We propose a tour through churches, Cistercian monasteries, impossible geological formations and, of course, exceptional wineries where some of the best wines of the Ribeiro designation of origin are produced.


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1. Pazos de Arenteiro y Pozo dos Fumes

Village declared an artistic historical complex, it is evident the economic power of its former inhabitants. In the center, we find the Romanesque church of San Salvador, which belonged to the order of Malta; Around it, several manors and houses magnificently built, that gave name to the Villa, from which, we will travel along a path of only 2 km that goes up the small river Arenteiro to a waterfall known as O Pozo dos Fumes.

2. Santo Tomé de Serantes Church

Church of a nave and semicircular apse, built in the 12th century, which is one of the best specimens of the region, highlighting its rosette and eaves on its facade, as well as a series of small blind arches, along the entire cornice, all crafted with great expertise.

3. Natural Monument of Pena Corneira

It is part of a granite massif, characterized by its geological forms like crests and a chaos of balls, being one of them the most representative, Pena Corneira, which gives name to this park that extends for 100 hectares of terrain. The great rock emerges like a menhir from a mixture of granite bowling pins, on which there could have existed a military tower in the Middle Ages.

4. Casal de Armán Winery

Located on one of the best viewpoints of the Ribeiro, its white and red wines, elaborated under the Ribeiro designation of origin, have received numerous prizes. It shares the winery with a restaurant-hotel, making the whole, a magnificent wine tourism complex in the heart of the Ribeiro.

5. San Clodio Cistercian Monastery

Ancient Cistercian monastery recovered in the 20th century as priory of the monastery of Samos, and finally converted into a monument hotel. The church, magnificent romanesque specimen of three naves and three apses, maintains the simplicity of the Cistercian buildings. Two cloisters make up the imposing monastic building whose inhabitants introduced the first vines that make up today the famous Ribeiro wine.