Landscape of A Limia: the south vast plain (R-2)

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On this occasion we suggest you a tour along the easternmost area of A Limia region, in the province of Ourense and the environment of what was formerly the Antela lagoon, partially dried in the mid-twentieth century. The cultural patrimony of the regions that surround this vast plain is extensive and varied, so with this tour we will be able to discover some really interesting elements of our patrimony like the churches of Sandiás, Trandeiras and Codesedo, the medieval military tower of A Pena and the rural village of Couso Galán, fantastic example of recovering our rural architectural heritage.

Map of the Tour


1. Santo Estevo de Sandiás Church

Interesting church with artistic influences of the Portuguese Manueline style, rare in Galicia; It is a very elegant work that was completed in the 16th century.

2. A Pena medieval Tower

Located in a small hill from which you can distinguish the entire region of A Limia as well as the mountainous massif of Manzaneda. It is one of the six towers from which the control and surveillance of these lands was exercised in anticipation of attacks from the other side of the Portuguese border. Only the tower of homage is preserved which, although in very good condition, is unavailable for visits inside.

3. Convent of Bon Xesús de Trandeiras

It belonged to the Franciscan Order. It is the work of the 16th and 17th centuries although only the church is preserved in good condition, a magnificent specimen of Manueline style. The rest of the conventual dependencies have been ruined after the Napoleonic troops passed this place in the early 19th century. After the disentailment of 1835 the environment was plunged into the charming and suggestive ruins that we can appreciate, among which are some dependencies such as the wineries or the kitchen and the magnificent garden and the forest surrounding the whole

4. Couso Rural Village

It´s an example of comprehensive rehabilitation of a small village nestled in an environment of great beauty in the middle of the mountain. The whole set works as a single hotel, with rooms in each of the houses of the village, a restaurant, bar, etc, which offer a favorable environment for relaxation. Until Couso Rural we can get on foot from the village of Freixo through a nice and quiet hiking route of just 2.5 kilometers..

5. Santa María de Codosedo Church

It´s one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture in the region, the construction of which lasted from the 12th to the 18th centuries. It is a temple of great proportions and presents unusual stylistic details in the Galician Romanesque, also highlighting its 16th century tower.