Monastic experience: a break in a medieval abbey (R-53)

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Without a doubt, a stop in our daily work to dedicate time to inner reflection can be a highly positive experience and for this reason we propose you the possibility to carry out this monastic experience for three days in one of the most spectacular of our country. The monastery of Santa María la Real de Oseira (Cea, Ourense) offers a space for "those who seek rest for their soul and body" sharing with the monks the liturgical Office within a climate of gathering. We must to understand, therefore, that the hostel does not function as a hotel but as a space dedicated to spiritual retreat and not as tourism; therefore they set a minimum stay of 2 nights. The experience is highly positive, regardless of the religious beliefs of each person since what the monks offer is a good atmosphere of retreat in an environment of solitude, very conducive to reflection and personal encounter with oneself.

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Our proposal is to live for two nights that retreat for rest of body and soul, from the afternoon of the first day to the morning of the third. Our proposal for the afternoon of the first day is to travel a small stretch of the Camino de Santiago between Cea (Municipal Capital) and Oseira, thus enjoying a time of group relaxation through places of great beauty that will serve to introduce us to the environment of tranquility that we will find in the monastery, where we will arrive in time to participate that afternoon in the liturgical offices. The second day will be a day dedicated to retreat and rest, enjoying the peace and solitude of the monastery and its surroundings, knowing its long historical trajectory and its outstanding contribution to European art. On the third day we will leave the abbey in the morning to know the surroundings of the monastery and discover, not far away, some examples of our cultural and natural heritage. After lunch at a restaurant in the area we will return to our meeting point. It is important to note that when participating in this activity we must accept the conditions and rules maintained by the Community of the monastery in terms of schedules, attitudes, clothing, meals, etc.