Southern Ulloa (R-19)

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This region in Lugo, located almost in the center of Galicia, gathers unique qualities in terms of cultural heritage; From a landscape point of view it is the image of the Galician countryside, based on meadows and small chestnut, oak and birch tree forests, among which stand out its noble houses, pazos (country houses), towers and castles such as Pambre, San Miguel de Penas or Castro Amarante; we propose you to discover corners of great beauty and get to know some of the historical "pazos de Ulloa"; all on a route of just 80 kilometers.

Map of the Tour


1.Pambre Fortress

Built in the 14th century on rocks on the banks of the Pambre River, it is one of the best examples of medieval military architecture in Galicia. It has a double wall and four towers around the tower of the homage, which gives it an imposing appearance, especially since its restoration and rehabilitation a couple of years ago.

2.Santa Mariña de Castro Amarante Manor House / Amarante Fortress

Spectacular noble house (private property not visitable) that holds one of the best balconies, on staged corbels, among the pazos (country houses) of Galicia. A church of Romanesque origin (with an spectacular collection of tombstones in its access), a pre-Roman castro (Iron age settlement), a Calvary and the beautiful pazo (country house) offer an interesting example of the Galician cultural heritage. For its part, the fortress of Amarante, located further south, was founded in the 13th century by the Count of Amarante, whose family was closely linked to the military orders of Santiago, Calatrava and Alcántara. From the fortress is preserved a circular wall attached to a 17th century pazo

3.S. Miguel de Penas medieval Tower / House-Tower of Cumbraos

Military tower with three floors and basement, connected to the Romanesque church by a cantilevered wooden step. Its image is imposing but access to its interior is not possible because it is privately owned. In the surroundings we can visit the pazo de Ludeiro or the interesting San Cristobo de Novelúa Romanesque church. The tower house of Cumbraos is an old two floor, military tower, attached to a pazo (country house) with a small Romanesque church. It was built at the end of the 15th century.

4.Santiago de Albá

On the way back to Palas we can visit some Romanesque churches, such as those of Tarrío or San Miguel de Coence and, in Ulloa, we can see the so-called Casa de Ulloa but also a farm where an interesting Ecoagrotourism project is developed to acquire organically-made food products.

5.Ulla Torrents

It is a stretch of about 3 km along which the River Ulla is nestled in a place of great beauty, with numerous waterfalls and backwater soaking over the river. From the old spa of Frádegas it is possible to explore this stretch of the river.